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Who needs iPhone Friendly Websites?

Posted by Todd | Bradenton Website Design,Marketing,Posts,SEO,Website Design | Friday 5 October 2012 1:38 pm

By: Todd Anderson

Lets be honest, The iPhone and the iPad are the most popular smart phones right now. Androids are popular too, but won’t be out selling the iPhone for long.

Here is a little known fact (surprisingly little known). iPhones and iPads do not natively display Flash Animation. For reasons of their own, while the rest of the internet went wild with flash, Apple refused to make their devices flash compatible. Seen as stupid and short sighted at the time, and leaving Apple as popular as the Beta Max tape machines of the 1980’s, most website designers just kept designing more and more intricate flash websites. Who cares if those few Mac users who refuse to download third party flash plugins in order to view flash are so short sighted?

Well now! Who was short sighted? The whole idea of internet e-commerce has shifted to mobile devices like pads and mobile smart phones, and who is the maker of the most popular phones? Apple! I bought apple stock in 2008 at $90 per share. I was afraid to tell my wife at the time. At the time of this posting, my Apple stock is worth over $660.00 per share. Apple dominates. So where does that leave all those “Cool” flash web sites? They are not viewable by iPads and iPhones which are non- jail broken. Or in other words, if someone has a factory set and warranteed Apple mobile device, your flash website is a big black hole in the internet…..Period.

Web designers like me are making money by fixing or adapting websites or more often, putting up duplicate websites that ARE Mac and mobile compatible. Blackberries are not exactly flash friendly either. We use coding like java script to re-direct mobile devices to the more compatible design of your existing website. It’s a growing niche market.

So, what every business needs now is a mobile friendly website, capable of displaying your goods and services to all browsers on every internet capable device out there. That’s what we offer at Parrish Marketing and Design. A clean, appealing website that does the job you intended, viewable by everyone with the ability to get online and access your landing page.

If you have one of those very cool all flash web sites that you cannot see with an iPhone and you cannot give any SEO, then call us at Parrish Marketing & Design. We fix those.


Todd Anderson is the owner and chief designer at Parrish Marketing & Design in Florida.


Bradenton Web Design

Posted by Todd | Bradenton Website Design,Marketing,SEO,Website Design | Thursday 16 August 2012 8:59 am

Bradenton Web Design

Parrish Marketing and Design is the most qualified Bradenton web design company you can work with. We will build your website from the ground up, with aesthetics, functionality, search engine ranking and mobile compatibility all in mind. Don’t be deterred by the lower price. We have a lower overhead than some local web design firms.

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