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The significance of QR Codes

QR (Quick Response) codes are similar to barcodes except that QR can hold tons more information.

More and more mobile phone users are discovering QR tags everywhere, from restaurant menus to the sides of buildings. Scan them with your phone and you can get a link to a web page (like this), a link to send an email, a contact link to add someone to your phone list, or even a simple text message. The possibilities are endless from a marketing standpoint.

What if a restaurant had a sticker on the front door telling you of the soup of the day …. for the next year?

Add a QR to your business card or even t-shirts to get someone on your website without the hassle of having to remember or even type your website address into their phone. Links to your business Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, email, phone number, or even put your entire vcard on your website for clients to simply scan and add you to their contacts.

There are literally thousands of ways to work qr coding into your overall print, web or face to face marketing presence.

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