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Everybody wants to run out and upgrade to a smart phone these days. AndroidsiPads and iPhones are becoming easier to afford, and quite frankly, the technology is not going to back track to little folding phones with antennas. What today’s consumer demands is a phone that will get good reception, store their music, tell them exactly where they are, play apps,  and of course, surf the web. If a potential client of your business were to look you up on their phone right now, what would they see? Do you have a cool looking website with flash animation and embedded videos?

Most people don’t know (although a growing number are finding out) that Apple Phones do not see Flash animations. If you have a lot of flash on your website, or if your current website is ALL Flash, iPhone and iPad users will see nothing, then move on to the NEXT website offering your services. You need to make sure that your website is either Smart Phone compatible, or that you have a separate mobile friendly website for mobile phones to be directed to. Android and Blackberry users have the option of downloading a flash viewer, but why should they? Just to see your website? Now to top that off, Adobe will no longer accomodate the newer androids with a flash viewer. Those Flash Only websites will apparently fade into the internet past, with everyone acquiring smaller and more mobile ways to surf the internet.

Parrish Marketing and Design specializes in online marketing, website design (including Flash animation) and search engine optimization. If we build you a website, it will be mobile friendly, or will send smartphones to an alternative page where they can still see what you have to offer online, and can connect with you. Don’t shut mobile users out!

Call Parrish Marketing & Design at 941-504-5518, to discuss your marketing needs.

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